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CAOEC's State of The Industry and Forecast Reports:
The Canadian Association of Energy Contractors (CAOEC) represents 95 land drilling, directional drilling, offshore drilling, and service rig member companies on the frontlines of energy security and transformation. It recently released its State of the Industry Report for 2023 and its drilling and service rig forecast for 2024. Here are some highlights:
  • The Association expects 2024 drilling and service rig activity to be modestly higher than 2023. 
  • Increase in pipeline capacity including Key Access Pipeline System (KAPS), TransMountain Expansion (TMX), Coastal GasLink and NGTL System may be a catalyst for further growth.
  • Increased activity will generate additional employment opportunities.
  • Senior field positions remain in high demand and difficult to fill.
Mark Scholz, President & CEO underscored the growing role the drilling and service rig sector plays in diversify Canada’s energy:
"The industry is excited about new opportunities to support the extraction of critical minerals such as lithium, helium, the production of heat from geothermal, and sequestration and storage of carbon deep underground."
If you are interested in reading more about the outlook of Canada's drilling and service rig sector, check out
The 2023/24 Drilling and Service Rig Forecast and The 2023 State of The Industry Report
VIDEOS: Careers in Energy – Finding Job Opportunities in Energy Services
In three short videos, you'll get an introduction to the energy services sector and valuable tips and information about how to connect with companies looking to fill good-pay – and full-time – jobs!
Job Opportunities in Energy Services
Is working in energy services right for you? Get an introduction to the sector, the available job opportunities, required qualifications, valuable transferable skills, and tips for getting hired even without direct experience in oil and gas.
How to Make the Most of Your Career in Energy Services
This video expands on the first by exploring career pathways and the benefits of working in the sector. You’ll also learn what it’s like to work in oil and gas, from rotational assignments to life in camps.
Prepare for Hiring Events and Meeting Employers
Make the most of a Careers in Energy hiring event! Find out the type of research that gets job seekers noticed by employers hiring in the energy services sector. Get tips for developing your resume and presenting yourself to sector employers, and find out what to expect during the hiring process.
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