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This space has been designed to share information with those interested in learning more about opportunities in the evolving energy ecosystem. Visit often as we endeavour to continually refresh this page with relevant information, tools and resources!

Energy Needs Tech!

It was great to connect with tech talent during Discover TechYYC.

The energy industry is being transformed and digital technologies are playing a critical role in energy transition and the production of sustainable energy sources. To learn more, watch The Digital Transformation of Shell.

Learn more about the occupations, skills and knowledge required to support digital transformation in the energy industry and the key activities involved.

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Quick Train Canada
Upgrade Your Skills for FREE!
Quick Train Canada offers free microcredentials through select accredited Canadian colleges. There are options to learn virtually, in-person, or both.

What’s a microcredential?
Short, specialized, competency-based courses aligned with an industry’s performance standards and requirements. They provide an opportunity to upskill or reskill and build a resilient career in an ever-changing economy.
Go to the Quick Train Canada website to register for SAIT’s Introduction to Carbon Capture & Storage microcredential. This introductory course is a pre-requisite for a number of other CCS microcredentials that are also available for free through Quick Train Canada.
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Funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program and powered by Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery.
The Global Talent Index Report 2023
What are your salary expectations?
Most of us dread this question during interviews. The Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) is one resource you can use to gain insights into what's happening with salaries across the North American and global energy industry including oil and gas, renewables, power, utilities, and petrochemicals. This report and others: alis, APEGA Salary Survey (members only), and Payscale can help you go into interviews with an informed answer to THAT question.

In addition to aspects of salaries, the GETI Report provides information on global mobility of talent, Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) trends, socioeconomic shifts, and the energy transition. An interesting read whether you are a job seeker, career practitioner or employer. 
Click Here to Download the GETI Report

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Talent Needs for the Evolving Energy Ecosystem is pleased to share our newsletter with you. A resource for Alberta's talent looking for career opportunities in the evolving energy industry. 

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Cheryl Knight and Pat Hufnagel-Smith facilitate connections between employers, talent, training organizations and career service providers in order to expand the talent pool for Canada's energy industry.