Our Services

Project Management

Our project management expertise focuses on assignments related to social factors associated with energy development.

Applying a disciplined yet agile approach, we take care in life cycle planning, defining scope, deliverables, and activities, risk mitigation and quality control to ensure our clients' quality, timeline and budget expectations are met. We undertake all assignments with a “fit-for-purpose” mentality, producing deliverables and products designed to deliver project outcomes.

Guided by an engagement and communication strategy tailored specifically to each project, we assist clients establish positive and mutually beneficial relationships with the internal and external stakeholders needed to achieve project buy-in and success.

Organizational Effectiveness

We specialize in conducting organizational cultural assessments, change management and coaching leaders and teams.

Creative Links utilizes Creative PerformanceTM, a powerful tool for coaching and developing people on both a personal and professional level. We employ a facilitative approach to assist organizations make practical decisions and take actions that improve working environment, increase effective communication and productivity, and help teams progress from “good to great.”

Labour Market Research & Analysis

Providing the evolving energy industry labour demand and supply intelligence and data to support the development of effective, evidence-based talent strategy.

Having the right talent in the right roles is critical for business growth. This is especially true for Canada's transitioning energy industry. Creative Links is continually monitoring emerging skill and occupational requirements due to technological, regulatory, social and business shifts in order to offer clients insights into the dynamics of Canada's energy labour market.

Talent Needs for the Evolving Energy Ecosystem

A unique value offering to expand the talent pool for Canada's evolving energy industry.

We are creating an ecosystem that facilitates connections between employers, talent, training organizations, and career service providers via in-person forums and events. Connections are maintained using a multi-faceted approach including sharing information through regular Talent Newsletters and Labour Market Bulletin for Employers.