Our Services

Creative Links International Inc. has been successful with companies large and small.

Our services include:


Collaborative Management Consulting

  • Is your organization generally running well, although you have some challenges in one area of the company?
  • Is one department struggling more than the others and in need of some specialized assistance?
  • Is there one target area of development or training that could bring your company to a higher level of achievement?

We work collaboratively with senior management and organizational leaders to identify and discuss these target areas of development and together, we create a custom-made solution for each of those situations.

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Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Are your leaders:

  • immersed in times of rapid organizational or cultural change?
  • faced with new workplace challenges?
  • managing cross functional teams of highly skilled people?
  • operating in an increasingly competitive environment?

If so, Creative Links can help with a proven, leadership development and coaching program that will include an assessment of your operating style. We will build on your specific strengths through an individual, personalized approach to ensure your personal success.  We work with all levels of leadership- from "board room to boiler room". 

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Team Coaching and Performance Enhancement

Have you assembled a group of professionals who are:

  • functioning well as a team team but could achieve a higher level of performance?
  • have experienced changes or are about to experience change that will impact their reality?
  • having difficulties communicating with one another creating ongoing and unresolved conflict?
  • pulling in separate directions rather than following one defined goal or vision?

Creative Links can help you solve these issues and determine what needs to be done to build your professionals into a working team. Through either internal, real-time or off-site training, we can help you link the collective knowledge and skills of diverse individuals to achieve enhanced performance and concrete results.

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Organizational Development Approach

Is your company:

  • moving in a clear direction?
  • motivated by a succinct, compelling vision?
  • benefiting from leaders and employees pulling in the same direction?
  • utilizing measurable targets and accountabilities?

Creative Links has the experience and skills to work with your leadership team in all of these areas. Together, we will ensure these initiatives are collaborative rather than “top-down” driven. Through understanding your organization, its culture, and its challenges, we will work together todevelop a clear, compelling organizational direction with defined strategies designed to reach your organization’s goals.

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Contract Project Management Expertise

Do you have a project that needs a dedicated project manager to:

  • manage the scope of the project?
  • define quality measures and assessment?
  • ensure project deliverables?
  • direct resource management?
  • control the budget?
  • implement effective communication practices?

Creative Links can be hired on a contract basis to manage yourprojects. With our experience, coupled with the resources, skill, and knowledge of your organization’s individuals, we are prepared to ensure the success of your key business ventures.

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Project Management Coaching and Training

Do you have project managers that could benefit from:

  • real time training but do not have time to be absent from their projects?

Creative Links professionals coach and train your project managers in“real time” —meaning we come to you to train and coach your project managers while they work on their projects. Our coaching and training models are custom-designed based on an initial needs assessment of yourorganization. Through real-time training and coaching, with an emphasison sustained learning and skill development, you will experienceenhanced project management knowledge, skills, and performance without having to spend time away from the office.

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